Golf Outings

At Riverview, we specialize in small to mid-sized golf outings. Although we can accommodate shotgun outings as well. We have a beautiful cedar pavilion overlooking the course to relax, have a drink from our bar or have dinner from your favorite caterer. We’re sure you’ll have a wonderful time.



All Golf Outings


  • Availability to our pavilion,  located beside the clubhouse, with access to the bar and restrooms.


  •  Have the caterer of your choice.

Please inform them they must be self-sufficient, and have a certificate of insurance to cater for your outing at Riverview.


  • Must Purchase all alcohol from our bar. 
  • We are licensed by the PLCB for the entire facility.       
  • Therefore:  
  • No outside alcohol permitted on the premises

For Information & Available Dates

 E-Mail Sherry Ford:

    To Schedule An Outing Date:

    Call Sherry at 412-384-3788